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Monday, January 23, 2012

Hating Your Negative Thoughts is Not Being Positive

The bad news is that our mind is so complex and tricky we have to be on our toes or we outsmart ourselves every time. There is nothing worse than a negative thought. It sends your whole mental and physical self in the wrong direction. But we often don't recognize when we are in a negative mode of thinking. It's not easy but try this.

When you are not feeling great, you are probably going down a negative path. At any point in the day you can decide to be objective rather than subjective. That is, notice the world around you. The texture of bricks on the sidewalk, the clouds in the sky, the weave on a sofa. This gets you out of the self-focus mode. All self-focus ultimately turns negative and the way you avoid self-focus is to be objective rather than subjective. All objective thought ultimately turns positive in some way, simply because it is objective. Objective thinking sparks up the neurons in the neocortex, and wakes up our lazy awareness of the cosmos that we have allowed to sink into self-focus of all that is wrong with us. Re-focus on the world. Contrary to what we think when we don't feel great, the world is a wonderful place. A. B. Curtiss


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