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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

More Confused and Terrified

Dear AB

Thank you for your quick reply!

Do you think you can go through life not thinking about stuff that brings stress and fear and depression? Can I just use brain switch always? I don't mean day to day stuff, I mean past times and thoughts that just don't make sense? I hope you get what I'm saying. I tend to dwell on others misfortune and say why not me? Then I get scared. I know you believe that depression is a chemical imbalance but is it behavior also? My mother had depression but she blamed my dad for it as well as a pretty bad childhood.

When it comes to money, we are pretty fortunate, but I can't see myself being a stay home mom. Ill go crazy being at home. I need to do something. What should I do? Go back to work? With anxiety, I'm suppose to keep stress down but if I'm at home, I'll just stir.

I stopped working because I thought the stress of it would make my anxiety worse. But now I have some depression that I've been using brain switch on as well with my anxiety. I'm going through a midlife crisis. Did you have past issues that brought on your depression or how did it start?

Thank you so much,  S

Dear S,

Congratulations on being so good on your iphone. I couldn't possible manage such a long message.

There is no sense in thinking about stuff that brings on fear, stress and depression. I always use brainswitching for them. Sometimes there are one or two really bad thoughts for which I first groan a little right out loud before I drop them in favor of brainswitching. Feeling empathy for others can also escalate into a problem. A particularly brutal rape of a child for instance can make a mess of your normal sex life if you dwell on it.

Sudden deaths of friends or even strangers can make you fearful of how vulnerable you are as a human being and it makes no sense to dwell on such bad thoughts. You can have equally horrible thoughts about your own impending catastrophe or your family's. Again this is not helpful thinking. Honest mourning of a loss is okay. But obsessive negative thoughts are BAD. They are not helpful in any way.

A good Silva Mind Control trick for fearful imaginings is to imagine one of those signs with the black hash mark through it, meaning NO, and say to yourself three times, cancel, cancel, cancel so that the bad thing you have imagined will be nullified and therefore NEVER HAPPEN.

Negative thinking, if it in not nipped in the bud,  usually skews the brain chemistry and ends up in stress which then can turn into depression or a panic attack. You must remember that there is a chemical consequence in the brain for every thought that you think.

If it is not financially necessary to work for money you can always work for a good cause, something that you care about. You can try one or two things and see if they work out. I'm thinking that when my career in writing slows down I will probably volunteer for Hospice. My husband plays duplicate bridge and raquetball 4 times a week and for a civic duty picks up trash on the roads from our house to the highway. I did find time to volunteer for poll duty. This first year I will only be an observer but I hope to be a poll worker by the next election.

The doctor of Chinese medicine whom I have been seeing for two years told me that since my first depression began with my first period that perhaps my depression was caused by out of whack hormones.

I have been on hormone replacement therapy since and it has made a big difference. I still get depression when I wake at night but not nearly so much and it is easily handled by brainswitching. My anxiety, cause by a bad reaction to oxcycodene for a back injury lasted until I was lucky enough to find this particular doctor who prescribed a number of hormones, amino acids and other dietary supplements.

At my age my organs are not nearly as efficient as they used to be. You are just at the age when hormonal changes can cause depression and I would suggest you see a good nutritionist or doctor of Chinese medicine--or any homeopathic practitioner to check up on your hormones. As we age our organs are less able to produce what the body needs to function perfectly. And I'd just as soon, given the opportunity, function as perfectly as possible thank you very much. A. B. Curtiss


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