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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Dear A. B. I Hope Your Depression Comes Back and You Kill Yourself

I debated about posting this letter on my blog.because it is so incendiary. I decided to go ahead and post it because in addition to getting thank you letters for my work from people who have profited from my ideas, I also get hate mail from people about my work who can’t believe that their depression is not caused by some overwhelming outside force over which they have no control. Therefore they feel totally insulted by the title of my book, like I am rubbing salt into the wounds of their depression.

The title, Depression is a Choice, I admit, is probably not great but the title was my publisher’s idea, not mine. My idea for the title of my book was “The Woman Who Traded her Mind for a Green Frog.

But hate mail comes from someone who is suffering pain and fear and pain and fear is what my work is all about.

Dear A. B. Curtiss

Depression and other disorders are due to chemical imbalances in brain (myth my ass). It’s true meds. are not for all but to write a book that depression "is a choice”?" WELL F---K YOU! I HOPE YOURS COMES BACK BAD AND YOU KILL YOURSELF. THAT WILL SHOW HOW GOOD YOUR SHITTY IDEAS ARE. GO TO HELL. TiggyCat

Dear TiggyCat,

Thank you for your letter. I will post it on my blog. http://MobyJane.blogspot.com/

You are right. Depression is always due to a chemical imbalance in the brain but what causes the chemical imbalance? What causes the chemical imbalance is the triggering of the fight or flight response, our basic psychological defense mechanism. And the chemical imbalance can be remarkably altered in just a few minutes by mind exercises.

There is a chemical consequence in the brain for every thought you think. If your thoughts are angry, anxious, negative, sooner or later the fight or flight response will trigger and dump stress chemicals in your brain. These stress chemicals are very hard on the metabolic processes of the body, then comes the downer, helpless painful feeling of depression. If you spend a long time thinking about how depressed you are, you form a strong neural pattern in the brain that can later be triggered off by learned association.

Did you doctor ever tell you that the way you get from one thought to the other is learned association? This is important because this knowledge can get you out of any depressive episode. There is nothing forcing you to think about your depression. It is just a habit. A habit is a strong neural pattern in your brain that you have made through repetitive thinking or behavior over a period of time. Like playing the piano, you have been practicing depression so your brain is very good at it.

Some people get depressed and don't think about it, the don't form a strong neural pattern in the brain, and they don't suffer the way you seem to be suffering. They have learned to think about something else until the chemical balance equalizes and the depression lifts. You could also learn to think about something else and the chemical balance will equalize.

Here's the other thing that your doctor has probably never told you. He has probably never explained to you the process of pain perception. This is key to getting out of depression and how mind exercises work. Don't get me wrong. It is not easy to get out of depression by learning to think differently but thousands of people have learned how to do it. It is hard, at first, but it is simple.

The process of pain perception consists of the following: Depression, as well as physical pain if you cut your hand, or any emotion of any kind, only occurs in the subcortex of your brain. There is never any depression, pain, or emotion in the neocortex. Also for a human being to feel any emotion or pain, or depression, the signals must go up the brain and not only be received but acknowledged in the neocortex.

This moment of acknowledgment is usually beneath your awareness. . It is the reason hypnosis works and the reason that a player in a football game can even break a bone and feel no pain until the game is over because his neocortical concentration on the brain has prevented his neocortical acknowledgement in the neocortex that pain is being produced in the neocortex.

I've tried to hit the highlights for you about depression. I spent 500 pages in my book Depression is a Choice to explain it more fully and give examples. I spent 300 pages in my book Brainswitch out of Depression to give a lot of information about how your brain works so you can learn how to control your own thinking. Don't give up and think you have to remain depressed. You can do something about it. A.B. Curtiss


Liana said...

Great information. I need to buy your books!!!

Susan said...

That's good information. When I was just out of treatment, I had to learn new behaviors in replace of the depression. It was hard at first, because all I could remember was just that. It was like starting fresh and new, creating a new identity. It took time, but more positive things came out of the struggle to be more human.