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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Job Hunting When Depressed

Dear A. B. Curtiss

I have two months to graduate from the University and I think I am still not ready to make interviews because they might notice my behavior and the way I talk. Applying for a job is my problem because I have a son and wife and I need to make living.

I need you to help me in this problem and is there special organisations might understand and can employ people like me.


Dear F.

You will have to explain to me how your behavior is different from other people and how the way you talk is different. Are you a foreigner in a land which doesn't speak your original language? What is the problem.

Dear A. B. Curtiss

Thanks a lot for the chance talking to you MRS Curtiss

Yes, I am from the middle east and live now in U. S. But it’s not the issue. The issue is I am recovering from depression very fast but sometimes I am brave to make interview because my mood is very good no depression anymore. Other times the symptoms of depression comes to me and stop me from becoming socialize with people. My mood is changing , not stable. I think sometimes worry comes to me and makes me depressed about finding a job. In fact I am smart and very socialized person, but the depression some times stops me to peruse my life and makes me lack confident.

I am really moody and the negative mood sometimes paralyzed me from talking fluency with other people specially the second language.

When my mood is good I feel I am willing to work and having full of confident. But once I feel down I give up and stops me from doing any activity.

I want to tell you things happens to my brain these days, I feel something like liquid in the brain moving around sometimes. This started when I decided to not stress my self from any negative thoughts and decided to melt and calm any negative one. I started to observe my thoughts closely than any time ever. I noticed this liquids flowing from time to another in different parts of my head and it brings good mood.

I do not know if you experience like this or have heard about it. I think this liquid is the brain chemistry trying to balance in the brain.

I used to be repressed but now I started to be aware of any repressed thoughts. This helped me a lot in fixing depression.

Applying for a job is my main concern in these days. This will require me to satisfy the employer by letting him have a good impression about my behavior because my major is Business.

IS there a way to find a job with the depression symptoms.


Dear F.

The liquid business is probably your imagination. But that's all right. It is probably a good mental image to use when you are calming yourself. Mental visualization is a good strategy many people use to help with all kinds of healing and change. It is a good way of putting your mind to work for you.

It seems you are very fearful as well. You might take a public speaking course to help with that.

You must be very firm with yourself and consider that any thoughts about depression is simply NO OPTION. This will help break the habit. Depression is nothing but a bad habit. Go on my blog and read You CAN stop worrying. It should help.

Your English needs improvement, so I would suggest you get that Rosetta Stone series and always play it in your car. And I would suggest you take a Toastmasters International speaking course to improve your self-assurance. It is in most cities and is very inexpensive. And get Dale Carnegie’s book How to Win Friends and Influence People. Lots of good stuff about getting along with people in that book. A. B. Curtiss

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