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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Learning to Stop Depression When you are a Child

Dear Ms Curtiss

My understanding about depression that every person "human nature" is having a cyclical depression and have negative thinking for short time. 

People get out from this cyclical from what they taught from "parents" when they were kids by doing anything to break this cyclical and the habits became solid in the brain by the time. 

Is that right. 


Dear R
I think what you are saying is essentially correct. Depression is a state of alarm brought upon us by the triggering of the flight or flight response due to fearful thinking which does not use up stress chemical in any physical action.

f you can learn how to distract yourself from downer thinking as a child then you will not spend a long time in a distressed state and thus depression will not become "hard wired" in the brain due to long-term concentration upon depressive thinking.

If we don't learn how to distract ourselves from emotional despair and move into more rational, non-subjective thinking we can develop a habit pattern of "giving into" depression and remaining depressed for longer periods of time than those who can distract themselves and "get out of despair."

However, whatever methods to get out of downer thinking  you don't learn as a child you can learn as an adult and even though depression will hit you more often, you can always get out of it by using brainswitch exercises or physical exercise. As you have more practice in getting out of depression by doing simple brainswitching techniques, you will become better and better at getting rid of depression when it comes. To the point that much of the fear of depression will also be eliminated. A. B. Curtiss

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