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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Your Book Had a Profound Effect on my Education

Dear AB,

We spoke during my graduate education at the University of Illinois,
where I was studying narratives of psychiatric treatment.  Your book
had a profound impact on my education & I've shared it with many
people since.

I'm writing for two reasons.  The first, is that I'm coming to
California at the end of October for a conference of an organization
that has been working hard to establish and disseminate more holistic
and hopeful interventions for mental illness.  I'm presenting at the
conference, and personally know the organizer.  I wanted to see if you
had any availability in your schedule to make it to L.A. to join us.
If so, in addition to being delighted to meet you, I would love to
introduce you to a number of people at the conference--and even
possibly have you say a brief word during my own presentation (see
attached conference flyer).

Secondly, I'm attending a symposium on the east coast at the end of
the month of an organization that funding for innovative
mental health projects.  Perhaps when I'm in California, I wanted to
talk with you about potentially collaborating in that.  Among other
ideas would be to secure funds sufficient to produce an
ongoing series of quality video shorts on individuals who have
progressed through your treatment and others like you--to illustrate
the powerful and enduring changes that can happen.

That's all.  I understand you will surely be busy already in October.
I'm hopeful we might be able to meet you--on at least one of the days.

With admiration,
-Dr.-J, PhD Research Director____________

Dear Dr. J.
 I shouldn't be too busy the end of October and I would be happy to make the
trip to L.A. if I possibly can. You would have to tell me what day. Speaking
of low cost videos. You may not know that I also write children's books and
I made a 17 min video of one of them for 9/11. A teacher asked me if I could
just send her an email of the text and I said I would and would think about
maybe scanning some pictures to send her. Then I got the idea of doing the
video. Very last minute as I did it that very night. It cost me $262.50
including putting it on youtube. Here's the link.  AB Curtiss
Dear AB

Nicely done!  (:  If my gut is right, this North Carolina organization
would give us enough to do some high-level profiles of people who have
had these changes. I think your profile would be exciting to do.  I
often share it during my conference presentations--'green frog, green
frog...'  (:

I would be thrilled to have you at the conference.  I'm not sure which
day I'm speaking, but perhaps you could decide based on the other
presenters.  Either day, I'll be happy to introduce you to a number of
like-minded people who would love your work.

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