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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Little Chapel that Stood--what happened on 9/11

Life is so interesting. I've had plenty of these Little Chapel books enough to supply Barnes and Noble and amazon.com and I told them about Smithsonian Institution choosing it as the best book written for children about 9/11 and as the feature book in its interactive program about 9/11 to teach the history of that event for schools and libraries. And I told B&N and amazon about the story about me appearing in the Sept issue of Guideposts Magazine, but they only ordered a small amount. The demand was greater than they thought. And the hurricane slowed deliveries and my big chance for huge sales kind of melted away with the rain. Must be I'm not fated to be all that famous after all. Oh, well.

The Little Chapel that Stood has been around  since 2003 but  I guess everybody just heard about it this month because of Guideposts and the Smithsonian.  So what happened is that I've been inundated with calls from teachers and school principles trying to get the book by this Friday. There is no way I can do it.

Finally, this afternoon one teacher asked if I couldn't at least email her the text. I said I could do that and she could get some of the pictures on my website, abcurtiss.com . I thought to myself how sad that so many would not hear about the courage of the American people on that tragic day and be proud of the extraordinary history of the self-reliant and self-responsible and courageous people of this great country as evidenced by how everybody, young and old, responded to the events of that day.

Then I had an idea. So tonight at 10:30 I'm having someone videotape me reading the book and will put it on youtube. I won't sell a huge bunch of books but at least the inspiring and  historical message will have a chance of getting out. We should not forget what happened that day, and we should celebrate the extraordinary courage of the American people. I'll let you know how it comes out. Please wish me luck. A. B. Curtiss

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