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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Need Short Descriptions of Depression Help for my Students

I’ve been very busy this summer with traveling and booksigning. I’m going to start blogging every week instead of every day because of the time constraints but I’ll answer any questions right away.

Dear A. B.

Several months ago we inquired about apps  Is there any developments? On another topic I am finding difficulties in a brief description of  depression or the feeling of depression I can use in counseling students.  JM

Dear JM

The emotional brain is not intelligent--it's like a 4 year old. You can distract the emotional brain away from depressive thinking by thought jamming with nursery rhymes--higglety pigglety, row, row, row your boat.

Women have more trouble with depression because men produce more serotonin than women and women have more trouble with hormone imbalance due to menstrual cycle. Holistic health practitioners, homeopathic medicine, especially Chinese medicine, is good for checking out hormone imbalance and alleviating it. 

Also there is much happening in neuro-imaging to change neural patterns in the brain.

 A. B. Curtiss

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