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Sunday, August 7, 2011

No Words can Describe my "Newness of Life"

Hello Ms. Curtiss,

Thank you for helping me with anxiety and depression.  There are no words that can describe my "newness of life."

I greatly appreciate your website and am gleaning goodies from it daily. 

F.Y.I.  I noticed that when I tried to view the "Thought for the Day" writings, I could not access the information.  As I clicked on each thought title, up popped a screen indicating the page could not be accessed.  As instructed, I then went to your new site ABcurtiss.com and still couldn't access any of the "thoughts". 

I respect you for following and bringing light to the truth about depression, in spite of the conventional "wisdom" of your colleagues.  Are either of your books on audio CD's?

A friend in Phoenix,

Dear J,

I'm glad the information has helped. I will forward your email to my webmaster and see if he can fix the problem. Thanks for telling me.

My books are are Kindle but not on audio or CD.

A. B. Curtiss

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