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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Dear Ms.Curtiss,

I would like to tell you about myself. I am feeling rather good. A few days ago I faced some crisis, but now  I am ok. As you know, I do not use medicine, because I believe in your method of treatment for depression. I think this is most important thing. I gave a promise to my children - never give up and I can not break it. I became interested in affirmation. Now, several times per day I repeat - I am not the mind and thoughts lord – I can choose what to think  and the most important thing is - I believe in these words..I have successfully been using your advice, just have a problem with sleep. I do different exercises, but they do not always work. Could you give me some advice, please. Forgive my English. L

Dear L.

Try this one. My neighbor was having trouble sleeping and she said it worked great for her. It is simple. The trick it to keep thinking it and concentrating on it when other thoughts creep in that have been keeping you awake. Just return to the simple exercise every time your mind wanders to some other thought. Keep repeating until you fall asleep. Maybe the first time you’ll take 20 minutes, the next time it will take less time. Each time you do it, it will take less time to get to sleep.

Here it is.

Just say over and over in your mind 1   2   3   4   ( pause, breathe in, then breathe out while you say)   5   6   7   8 . Breathe in while you say  1   2   3   4  , breathe out while you say   5   6   7  8.  As you get into a rhythm you will find that you easily fall into taking an in-breath with one set of the 4 numbers and an out-breath with the next 4 numbers.

That's all. As you do it more and more it forms a strong neural pattern that becomes linked, through learned association, with your normal going-to-sleep pattern.

Let me know how you do.  A. B.  Curtiss

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