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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Your Little Poem was Just what I Needed

My name is R, I was at the nighttime zoo yesterday and I purchased your book "Dragons Guard the Zoo."

I just wanted to say thank you again, it was so great to meet you and get your book. I am really loving it, and I found your website online and wanted to pass on the picture I took with you. I also shared this photo with my friends on Facebook, and this was the little story I told, I wanted to share it with you too.

"Yesterday I walked by a table at the San Diego  Zoo, an Author was there, she was signing her books. I had the urge to look over. We caught eyes. She asked if I wanted a bookmark. I walked over, took it. I looked down, immediately drawn to her book, 'Dragons Guard the Zoo'. She looked up at me and simply said "I think you will like page 165 ." I hesitated but opened it and read a beautiful little poem. I smiled and inhaled deeply. I did like it.

 I looked at her and smiled and told her I didn't know it was poetry and I let her know how much I liked the poem. It felt like a little personal whisper in my ear from the universe. She smiled back. I was astonished and how much the poem was just what I needed to read. I shook her hand and let her know it was just what I needed. She smiled. Sometimes I'm not sure of things, often, actually, but yesterday one thing I am sure of, is this woman helped me believe in magic again."

Thank you again, you don't know how much you touched me yesterday. I think you have a beautiful soul and you really connected to mine, whether you realized it or not. :-)

Best wishes,

R :-)

Dear R,

Thank you so much for your lovely letter. This is the very reason I write. To connect with others and lighten their hearts a little.  A. B. Curtiss

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