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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I'm Chronically Depressed, Can You Help Me?

Dear A. B. Curtiss

I am chronically depressed. I am familiar with your techniques and writings and think they might be of very significant help to me. Could we speak briefly over then phone? I have some questions I'd very much like to ask you. I live in San Francisco. E___________

Dear E______
I will be glad to answer any quetions you have via email, no matter how complicated. I have found over the years that for someone to coalesce their thinking into a question does some very important organizing work in the brain. A. B. Curtiss

Dear A. B.
Thanks for your kindness, I will work on putting my questions together in a careful, comprehensive way. it may take a while but I shall indeed do it and I look forward to your responses and clarifications very, very much. E_______________

Dear Ms. Curtiss,

I have come up with one clear question. I have others I am formulating in my thinking- May I ask you this one now? In your experience, do your techniques per your books and clinical practice work well even for persons who have , like me, been very chronically unhappy/depressed?

Thanks for help, E____________

Dear E________

Yes, these techniques work for any kind of serious depression as you can see from the letters that people have written to me, and the reviews of my books. Whether or not you take drugs for these problems, learning how to get your brain to do what you want, training your brain, and building new healthier neural patterns in your brain can help immensely. If you know how your brain works, you won't give it the wrong signals, and you won't simply follow it along old habitual thinking lines, you will be able to take your brain in a new more positive direction. A. B. Curtiss.

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