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Friday, May 21, 2010

What's the Point of Anything?

Hi again

My whole thing started just like this. In the middle of the class one day a bad feeling came with a thought why should fight this much for life to achieve so many things. What's the point? And I felt that something went way from me, and there is no warmth on my heart for what ever I do. Some times I do get the good feeling for doing things, but is just for a few second. Can you please give me an answer? thank you, E_____________

Dear E,

The trouble for most human beings who are not feeling good is that they have a lot of repressed fear that covers over their essential feelings of good will and saps their energy to engage with life. Trying to build good feeling on top of repressed fear never works, for you keep reaching “out there” for things to make yourself happy. If you could yourself to face your fear, allow it to surface and let it go, then you would recover your essential okayness and the zest for life. If you read again Chapter ten of Depression is a Choice, this will explain this more fully.

A. B. Curtiss

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