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Monday, December 5, 2011

Drug Work, but in My Case They Stopped Working

Dear Ms. Curtiss,

I bought the Kindle version of your "Brainswitch" book, and found it very helpful. I do believe that many of us suffering from depression have a "wrong thinking" problem, and your "green frog" technique is very helpful. I am wondering if the words one recites have to necessarily have to be nonsense words. For instance, I am memorizing some phrases of Moroccan Arabic for when I visit my daughter who is teaching there this winter. As long as I am reciting the phrases, it seems to work. The one caveat here is that depression definitely makes it hard to memorize. 
Well, thank you for this great book. I am sure drugs do work, but in my case, they stopped working. 

Shokran, (thank you!)

Dear D,

Any cognitive activity works to 'thoughtjam" and distract the neocortex from acknowledging that depression is taking place in the subcortex. Moroccan phrases or mathematical formulas, nonsense rhymes, anything works. Without that acknowledgment and concentration on it, depression soon weakens.

A. B. Curtiss

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