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Friday, December 16, 2011

How Will Anti Depressants Affect My Baby? Please advise.

Dear Ms.Curtiss,

At first, I wuold like apologise of my English.I am Lina. I am from Lithuania, it is east Europe. I have read your book "BRAIN SWITCH". It is a wonderful book. I believe yuo are the best doctor-
psychotherapists that I have ever meet. I have got very big problem. Can yuo advice me, please. I am 35 years old. Depression came into my life when I was 29.
Now I am pregnant and I use drugs (Cipralex 10 mg). I know yuo was in depression for along time.Did you drink the medicine when you were pregnant?Do  yuo know what is the antidepressant effects for a baby. I started use drugs 23 week of pregnancy. I am very much afraid of my baby. Maybe you can share your experiences, please.Your book helps me very, but I am very afraid to refuse drug.I think this will take time.I know yuo are very busy, but   I wuold like ask yuo respond to my letter, please. It is very important for me.Thanks in advance.


 Dear L
I never took any drugs for my depression because I was more afraid of the drugs than the depression. In this country there are now big suits because Prozac and other anti-depressants have caused problems for pregnant women. On the other hand, many  women took these drugs and had no problem so all may be well with you and your baby.  I don't know how to advise you because I don't know anything about drugs. I don't think anti-depressants do any good. I do think that hormonal problems and lack of nutrients in some people can cause depression which can than be alleviated by natural homeopathic supplements such as vitamins, hormone replacement etc. I hope all goes well for you and I'm sorry I can't be of more help. 

A. B. Curtiss -

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