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Friday, November 6, 2015

Feelings are Like Electricity.

Feelings are like electricity in that it is very important that we learned control over them.

Feelings are neither rational, nor moral, and they do not have the least modicum of self—responsibility. 

Feelings have no regular, reality-based intelligence with which we can connect as, for instance, our rational mind. Feelings are like electricity, powerful but inaccessible to much of our understanding. We simply don't know why we have the feelings we do much of the time.

Like electricity, feelings simply exist and we either make use of them properly or not. We cannot avoid them. The trouble with both feelings and electricity is that unless we learn how to handle them both properly, either one of them can kill us. We cannot allow either one to be in charge of us. No pun intended.

We have pretty much been educated to the dangers of electricity. But feelings, not so much. If we want to study our feelings objectively instead of subjectively being terrorized by them, a good place to start is simply observing them without judgment. Choose a place and time where you will not be interrupted and allow yourself to observe them. As if you are a an uninvolved bystander to them instead of the victim of them. Meditation is extremely helpful for starting to get a feel for your feelings. No pun intended.

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