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Sunday, November 8, 2015

I Wandered for Years in Confusion for Years

I spent 30-years as a manic-depressive, they call it bipolar now, wandering in confusion around my life, until I decided I would refuse all thoughts of despair because they were a waste of time and ultimately came to nothing except to exacerbate my downer feelings.

Why couldn’t I control these thoughts of mine? After all, weren’t they my thoughts, happening in my brain? Believe me I had tried despair for years and that certainly didn’t work.

I came to the rational conclusion that thinking negative or painful thoughts is a human being's most unnecessary, unintelligent and pointless activity. And I also came to the conclusion that I could choose to think any thought I wanted, that I had free choice of any thought I wanted to think. 

The conclusion I came to is that it is possible to insist that you not any longer care to think these unwanted thoughts. That it is possible to think another thought other than a negative one and insist, insist, insist on thinking your own chosen thought. So that is what I do.

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