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Monday, November 23, 2015

We Can Always Help Each Other

While I was booksigning over the weekend, a woman passed by my author's table and told me that she had bought my book, Brainswitch out of Depression, earlier,  She said that it had been a great help and she always kept it by her bedside.

As she walked away she chanted "green frog, green frog, green frog." Then, as she waved a final goodbye she smiled and chanted  over her shoulder "roses and butterflies, roses and butterflies, roses and butterflies."

Of course I was gratified that my book had been helpful. The "green frog" chant was the first brainswitch exercise that I devised to help myself come out of a deep depression. The "roses and butterflies" must have been one that she made up for herself.

Funny thing is that for the last several days every time I got a small hit of that darkness that looms up;to grab at you when you least expect it, I found myself chanting "roses and butterflies. roses and butterflies." Worked for me just at well as "green frog."

I guess that makes two points. We can always help each other. And, any mind trick works. It doesn't matter which mind trick you use. Just that you do use one. Roses and butterflies. Roses and butterflies.     A. B. Curtiss

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