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Monday, March 1, 2010

Earth is an Experiment in Altered Consciousness Created by Children of Higher Beings

Most of my letters are from people who read my depression books. But I also get letters from people who have read my other books. This letter is about my book "Children of the Gods." The book is based on an old Mayan myth that Earth was created as an experiment in altered consciousness by children of higher beings who came to earth for their project, but then forgot their original awareness; the idea being that we are all children of the gods, far from home, and that's why we spend so much time wondering who we really are and trying to "find ourselves."

Dear A.B. Curtiss.

Thank you for your wonderful writing. I came across your remarkable book of poems "Children of the Gods" many years ago. It is my most cherished book. I read a poem from it to a gathering of poets and they were charmed. I sent copies of it to all my friends one year as a Christmas gift. They were delighted. My great Aunt who was poet laureate of Florida loved it. Tonight as I reread it I decided to thank you for being such good company. Sincerely, Marcia Buckpitt

Dear Marcia,
Thank you so much for your letter. I am very proud of the book. I don’t know whether or not you purchased the book before it won a San Diego Book Award. And it was used as a text in a wisdom course in Hawaii. A woman called me to order Children of the Gods and told me that's where she ran across the book. Another interesting thing is that a store in Arizona called me once and said a customer who bought the book asked for my permission to have a poem engraved on his wife’s tombstone. This was the verse he requested.

“I love you and I leave you
Only to becomes a part of all that will comfort you.
So do not look for me in closed places like a mourner at a tomb.
When I leave you, I will completely free—
A part of all you are, and all you see.
And because I have gone first,
When you weep,
Even the dust will care
As I will be caring.
And when your heart is full,
Even the stars will sing
As I will be singing."

Dear A. B.,

Thank you for your reply. When I am asked to quote from my favorite book of poems I always choose something from "Children Of The Gods". Thank you for enriching my life with your wise words.


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