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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Repressed Fear is a Big Part of My Life

I’m not sure how best to respond to comments so I thought I would just make a new post, repeat the comment and then answer the comment.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Compared to Brainswitch out of Depression, Dale Ca...":

Dear Ms. Curtiss

As I learn more, I'm discovering that repressed fear is playing a big part in my life. I didn't come from an abusive childhood, which has made it more difficult to understand the whys. But I'm just like that marine that sweated as you moved your chair closer to him. I'm scared of people. I learned to hide in plain sight in social situations. Laughing, enjoying, nodding in agreement, but rarely a one one conversation with people. You talked of theraputic massage to work on the repressed fear. Could you explain further?

I'm trying to confront the fear as it happens in my life now, with successes. But it just seems I could be doing more on this.


Dear Anonymous

Yes, it is difficult to get in touch with repressed fear because it is so painful to do it. But the pain is just fear that needs to be acknowledged, and then allowed to finish itself. Once you decide to get rid of repressed fear and become more aware of little fears that crop up during your daily life, it will get easier. If you read chapter 10 in my book Brainswitch out of Depression it will be a help. You can get the book in most libraries. And therapeutic massage does help as well. There is a deep mind-body connection.

The other thing is to become more aware when you are being self-focused, thinking about how you are feeling. This is a great problem in social interaction because self focus always leads to negative thinking. To get out of self focus and into outer focus, start choosing to think about things outside of yourself. Concentrate on what somebody else is saying or doing. Interact with someone on a small scale. Just a start, even if you are shaking in your boots. Usually people respond nicely to small interactions.

The more you risk interaction, the easier it becomes. It is a matter of practice. You won't be good at it at first. It's all right if you fail at first. It is noble to fail. Give yourself the freedom to fail. Failure does not kill you, it makes you stronger. A. B. Curtiss

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