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Friday, June 25, 2010

The Devil is in the Details of Being a More Loving Person

I posted the poem yesterday and realized I had memorized the second verse many years ago. While I was booksigning today the verse kept repeating itself in my mind and was more helpful than I realized at first. I had been saying to myself that I wanted to become a more loving person and not so judgmental, and yet how do you do that, action by action. I was looking for something other than making distinctions between people as they passed by, as attractive or interesting or skinny or fat or short or tall or comfortably dressed or inappropriately dressed, and here was the answer. My table was my house by the side of the road and I "would not sit in the scorner's bench or hurl the cynic's ban but be a friend to man." I kept thinking about that, just a friend, here I am, I can see myself as a friend to the people walking by. It was quite amazing. It is really a very loving place to be, waiting by the side of the road, a friend to man.

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