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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Social Anxiety is a Task to be Accomplished not an Obstacle to be Avoided

Dear A. B.

I want to go to a graduate school but this social anxiety situation is a big obstacle in my life. I need your advice please. Should I stop doing it or just apply for it? F___________

Dear F_____________

Make sure all the decisions of your life are made out of love of something, not out of fear of something. Life does not support decisions made from fear, only decisions made out of love of something. Another book you could read is "The Real George Washington." Here's a man who made all his decisions out of love of something. The British targeted him as the person they most wanted to kill, riding his big white horse in the thick of battle, his elegant uniform shining in the sun. But nobody ever was able to shoot him down. The Bristish called him "the man who couldn't be killed." A. B. Curtiss

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