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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Can I Restore my Brain Chemistry with Mind Tricks?

Dear Curtiss

I wanted to ask you a question about my self focus by negative thoughts for more than ten years. This devastated my life.

I could treat my self through listening to the music through I Pod. This helped me a lot in avoiding self focus and resulted in balancing my brain chemistry in a very short time.

But when I meet with a group of friends the self focus returned again.

I go to listen to music a gain to balance the brain chemistry because I found this way much faster than doing brain exercises and other things like daily jogging.

Do you think I can restore my brain chemistry by the time through this way.

I have interviews for jobs very soon but the self focus frustrated me.

All th-e best F___________________

Dear F_____________

Dear F____________

Brain chemistry is a very volatile thing. You can't do anything that will RESTORE brain chemistry. There is a chemical consequence in the brain for every single thought you think. Think the thought lemon and your brain chemistry changes to produce salivation. Stop thinking the thought lemon and the brain chemistry will change.

The purpose of the mind tricks is not to RESTORE brain chemistry. The purpose of the mind tricks it is to enable you to get out of the negative thinking that has put you into a depression.

You don't restore brain chemistry per se, you restore your ability to manage your own brain chemistry. You get better and better at substitution mind tricks for negative thinking so that you get better and better at getting out of depression quickly. What is permanent is that you get better and better at noticing you are in a negative mode of thinking and better and better out of changing your thinking, which then changes your brain chemistry.

Self-focus is the same. You will probably always have a tendancy to self focus. But you will get better and better at noticing when you are self-focused, and better and better about thinking those thoughts that will get you out of self-focus and into more outer directed thinking.

Mind tricks is better for self focus because you can use it ON THE SPOT. You don't have to go back home and calm down by listening to music. And anyway, self focus is much more likely when you are with other people than when you are alone.

It is not easy to get out of self-focus. For one thing it is very painful and alienating. But you can do it with practice and you get better as you practice. I told you before that a good book to read for social anxiety is Dale Carnegie's HOW TO WIN FRIENDS AND INFLUENCE. This will give you a little more confidence when you have some social tricks up your sleeve. A. B. Curtiss

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