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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Yes, Standing on My Own Two Feet

Dear A. B.

Thank you for the additional thoughts. I can't deny that I felt quite helpless & I must have a lot of repressed fear. My sister's note probably contributed to that sense of helplessness & fear.

I can see that there are nuances and levels to the situation. I do want to get the deeper growth, not just the superficial "winner" status. You said in the other e-mail, I would know things were better when I viewed his anger as his problem. So these are the things I need to work on:

Standing on my own two feet, relinquishing notions of how another should emotionally "be there" for me. Getting in touch & letting go of some repressed fear ( I know I'll never unload it all!)
Acquiring the mindset (& living from it) that his anger is his problem... & not the end of the world.

None of which will be easy, but at least I have a clearer idea of what I need to do.

I thank you for so generously sharing.

Sincerely, G___________

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