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Thursday, July 22, 2010

An Exercise for "The Remorses"

Dear A. B.

I love the idea of "moving the depression train off the brain track." Thank you so much for this discussion. A_________

Dear A_________

You are welcome. I have another image for you that you might like.

My daughter gave me a good visualization the other day for curing "the remorses." The remorses are those negatives nagging at you when something has gone wrong, either socially or otherwise.

Sometimes you make a dumb comment and embarrass yourself and wake up at 3 o'clock in the morning with "Oh No, how could I?" Or you just missed out on something wonderful due to someone else's sabotage. Or Fate simply gave you a big hit and you are suffering.

I had mentioned to my daughter that my way of handling these setbacks was to "invest" them. This is a magical thinking exercise wherein you go to the Positive Returns Cosmic Bank and invest your failures because the cosmic bank returns to you in postive terms double whatever you invest in negative terms. It's just a way of getting things off your mind that bother you, and who knows? Maybe in the cosmic scheme of things you are doing yourself some great good.

My daughter says that a friend of hers does something similar. She learned this from her Dad who was a minister. My daughter says it works wonders for her. What does she do?

"I offer it up"

Wow. Powerful. Just "offer it up." Works for me too.

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