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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Question About Repressed Fear

Hi A. B.,
I looked for a link on your blog page to 'post' to it. But could'nt find one. Used your, About Me, link to find your email address.

I'm a little puzzled by statements in Ch. 10 of, Depression Is A Choice, about letting repressed fear finish... Bringing up my old fears is not pleasant of course. But rather than getting some release, I'm finding that I end up creating more self focus which seems to magnify the depression and hold me like a vise. Each time this happens, I need to go back, re-learn, re-read, re-mind and hold in memory this info, to keep trying to work with the repressed fear. Frustrating. Trying to find some hope and relief in all this. Regards, A_______

Dear A_________,

Can you give me a specific example of a fear and how you address a particular fear. That is, was the fear free floating without being attached to anything. Or was it some fear that you just realized was a fear and not some laziness or annoyance such as not wanting to make a difficult telephone call. Getting out of depression and addressing repressed fear are two different actions requiring different methods.
A. B. Curtiss

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