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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Each Day is New and We are New With Each Day

Dear A. B. Curtiss

I read extensively in several disciplines (among which is psychology) and have amassed a fairly respectable library. Were I to rank all my books according to how effectively they dealt with their topic, Depression is a Choice would be at, or very near, the top. I am in my fourth reading since acquiring the book in, I believe, 2000. After my first reading, my focus has been not so much on depression, but on “choice.” (I wouldn’t even hazard a guess as to how many times I’ve read page 89.)

I say all the foregoing to introduce the following question: Have you ever considered, or would you consider writing a book on “choice,” not just as it pertains to depression, but as it pertains to all of life? I have come to the conclusion that “choice” is a marvelous and sizeable treasure that is simply handed to us long before we are capable of handling it responsibly. It has become disgustingly common and popularly acceptable for people, when confronted by their difficulties or failures, to deny the existence of choice or their misuse of it. Refusal to accept personal responsibility is so prevalent that, in my  opinion, it has become an element of our culture. Who knows if a book on the topic would change anything, but believe me, if I had credentials that would lend credibility to such a work, I’d try it myself. I hope you will give this serious consideration.

Thank you for Depression is a Choice. A applaud you for your honesty, and for mustering the courage to bare yourself to your readers.

Very Sincerely,


Dear R.G.S.

Your letter encouraged me to read page 89 myself.  It’s good to be reminded, even for me. It is always a danger when we think we “know it all” already, and cease to remember that each day is new and therefore,  each day we see things not as they are, but as we are that particular day.  A. B. Curtiss


Ginger said...

R.G.S., I think your suggestion to A.B. about writing a book about choice is a fabulous one.

Keep in mind, there is room in this world for more than one book on the subject! Even without "credentials," if you can clearly articulate your thoughts about the subject, why not write about choice yourself? You seem to feel passionate about the topic. Maybe you should give it a whirl!

I retrieved my copy to see what was on page 89 and discovered it marked, as several other pages are, with a little piece of paper. These are my "highlights!" Yes, page 89 is indeed rich!

Blueyedane said...

I do hope A.B will write another book! I've been reading over page 89 and it's all marked up in my book. How simple it is for us to use choice yet so easy to look over. Thanks A.B. for helping us see that "interstitial choice" we all have. Even if it's only visible for a split second we still have it.