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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Happiness Affirmations that Really Work

Dear Ms Curtiss

 I attached this as an example for positive affirmations that helped me a lot.
 1. I choose happiness to be my usual state of mind.
 2 The world is constantly smiling at me.
 3. I am the creator of my happiness.
 4. I am happy and content.
 5. I radiate happiness all around me.
 6. My inner happiness is growing and overflowing.
 7. Happiness is residing within me.
 8. I am constantly happy, under all circumstances.
 9.I feel happy throughout the whole day.
10.I am guided by the Universal power to experience bliss every moment of my life.
11. Outer circumstances have only a positive effect on me.
12. My happiness comes from within.
13. I am attracting happy people into my life.
14. I am always surrounded by happy people.
15. I bring happiness into other people’s lives.

Dear R,

Thank you so much for sending these. Just reading them over causes a lift in one's mood. They should help a lot of people.

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