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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Do Depression Hits Decrease Over Time or Stay the Same?

Dear Ms Curtiss

I have question about the number of depression hits. Does it decrease over time or it stay the same?
Dear R,
Depression depends on your attitude, your physical health and your individual life traumas (you may have to mourn some losses which could turn into depression if you're not vigilant). As you make new positive get-out-of-depression neural patterns in your brain, your attitude will get better, and you will be better able to distinguish legitimate mourning from depression. You will be able to notice if your physical body is in need of better nutrition or nutritional supplements. 

As you change your behavior and thinking to be more positive you will also be better able to pursue the kinds of behaviors which get you out of any depression you get into. I wish there was an easier answer but every life has its own course to run. Luckily we can count on help along the way if we get into too much trouble. And, anyway, nobody makes it on their own. We are supposed to help each other. A. B. Curtiss

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