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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Compared to Brainswitch out of Depression, Dale Carnegie's Books was just Bits and Pieces

Dear Ms. Curtiss,

Thank you for getting on paper and showing the world, the reality of Depression! To have the courage and fortitude to develop these ideas while under the influence of Depression is the strongest / best testimonial I can imagine.

In my teens, I began struggling with depression and all the associated nuances. I'm now fifty eight and have learned a lot and can now say that depression no longer has that dark foreboding hold that used to show up without notice. There have been two influential books in my life. Brainswitch out of Depression is one.

The first was Dale Carnegie's "How to Stop Worrying and Start Living". It happened into my life per chance. My spiritual travel began several months before discovering Carnegie's book. In my search, the religious path allowed me a confusing back and forth emotional tug that was difficult to grasp. "How to Stop Worrying and Start Living" became my bible. I used and lived it passionately day to day. My growth was incredible. I went from a below average reader to a voracious reader,consuming all that I thought might help to improve my spiritual journey.

After a couple years, I fell into the biggest hole of depression ever for no particular reason I could discern. That became incredibly confusing. I bounced from God to self help books and back again. On three occasions I struggled back up out of the pit but eventually succumbed and settled for a life where I maintained a level of emotional security that gave me some power to come back from the lows of depression when they hit. I certainly believed that I had no power to interrupt those feeling of depression when they hit. I would just ride out the storm and wait for happier times.

Having now read your books and applying your well considered thoughts and practices, I'm again challenging each day with a new attitude. I can now see that Carnegie's book and many others, have offered bits and pieces of what you have put together so well in your books. 'Brainswitching' is 'the' Handbook on Depression.

I've been part of Emotions Anonymous, a self help group, for many years. It is certainly true that there is an embedded belief amongst depression sufferers that drugs are a requirement to treat depression and that it is a disease that one must suffer with. One of our rules / traditions within EA is to not introduce books outside of the basic tools of the program at a meeting. For obvious reasons the use of outside information on a continual basis would be confusing.

As I internalize the information in your books, I'm able to slowly pass this on to others at meetings by demonstrating how it has changed my life.I continue to read and re-read with pleasure, your books.

Thank You!
A. M.

Dear A. M.

Thank you for your letter. I often recommend Dale Carnegie's "How to Win Friends and Influence People." It was one of the most inspiring books I ever read. He was the pioneer of self-empowerment and I am proud to be linked to his work. If you have any questions, I'll be glad to answer them. A. B. Curtiss

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Anonymous said...

Dear Ms. Curtiss

As I learn more, I'm discovering that repressed fear is playing a big part in my life. I didn't come from an abusive childhood, which has made it more difficult to understand the whys. But I'm just like that marine that sweated as you moved your chair closer to him. I'm scared of people. I learned to hide in plain sight in social situations. Laughing, enjoying, nodding in agreement, but rarely a one one conversation with people. You talked of theraputic massage to work on the repressed fear. Could you explain further?
I'm trying to confront the fear as it happens in my life now, with successes. But it just seems I could be doing more on this.