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Thursday, February 25, 2010

I Use Your Book for Depression, Anxiety, and OCD


Just wanted to thank you for writing this wonderful book. It has helped a lot with my depression and anxiety. Such a simple way of dealing with so much pain. I use it for my OCD. I have harm obsessions. Most of them are suicidal obsessions. It's awfully scary to have these, when it's the last thing you'd ever do. It really helps to switch off when I need to. It's gets me thru the worst of these.

I developed OCD after having Post Partum Depression. I just wonder if I'm doing the exercises correctly. When I am hit with the obsession, I thoughtjam just like you say. I keep extremely busy. I never sit still because I'm always afraid I'll start to feel this way again.

Is there any way to thoughtjam the fear of the depression and anxiety returning and does this dread feeling keep returning , or is thoughtjamming a good way to stop this as well? I realize it takes a while to form those new pathways, and it's different for everyone. I just need to know that what I am doing will eventually stop this fear of depression and anxiety returning.

Dear S.P.

The fear of your depression and anxiety returning is just another negative, fearful, anxious thought like all the others and should be treated just the same as any negative, anxious thought. Accept the thought, brush it aside and do more productive thinking.

You never really stop the fears, anxiety, or obsessions from returning now and then. They are a normal part of human existence. However, what is not normal is for these thoughts to intrude on your life rather than just pop up. When they pop up, you ignore them in favor of more productive thinking or use your nonsense exercises. So treat the fear of them returning the same way as any other fear or anxiety.

As you form new brain pathways that are more fulfilling and creative, these old fears and obsessions retreat to the background. They come up, now and then, forever, but what is different is that you no longer fear them. You just brush them off, and get on with your day. There may even be some beginnings of depression which should also be accepted, brushed aside, and then ignored

There is no one who does not have, on occasion, really self-destructive, bizarre, or downright weird thoughts. Maybe people don't even realize that they have them, if you ask them, because they are so fleeting that they make little impression. For those of us who have made the mistake of paying attention to these destructive thoughts, they are more imprinted. Not to worry. They need not ever intrude upon your life once you have got their number. A. B. Curtiss


Thank you again!!!!I just read your book this am. Trying desperately to overcome my negative thought processes. I can go straight to my old thoughts in 2 seconds. It's very disheartening some days. Since my post partum depression struck me, I have never been the same. It's been 11 years. I am an upbeat person with a positive outlook and can't believe that I think this way. To top it all off, I have OCD too (which came with the PPD). So, it's really hard to let go of everything. I am trying to focus on what I'm doing instead of what I'm feeling. It's a constant battle for me. Even when I'm having a good day, I can be worrying about the bad feelings coming back. I also have "crap" from my past that keeps rearing its ugly head. OCD just won't let me let it go. No meds as they make me "numb."

Thank you for following up. You are obviously someone who cares and not just writing a book. I have told a lot of people about your book and even bought a copy for my sister. I will read your blog and try to find healing thru it.

Kindest regards, S.P.

Dear S. P.

Please read Chap 10 in Depression is a Choice. If you don't have that book, I can email the chapter to you. You need to get in touch with your repressed fear which is the basis of all OCD. The compulsive thinking and behavior is a strategy of the mind to avoid the pain of your own fear by focusing away from it to some other object of fear rather than the fear itself.


If you could forward that chapter, that would be great. I need to go and buy that book as well. You should see my Brainswitch book. I've only had it for a year and it looks like it's been thru a war!!! Thanks for taking the time to do this!!! S.P.

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