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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hope and Help for Depression

I am 25 years old. I am suffering for many years from depression, anxiety , unknown fear. And day by day my problems are getting worse. Actually my health condition has not been good from early age. Always I had health problems--severe stomach pain, headache, migraine, sinus, allergy problems. But my all blood tests were normal. No medication I have been given have brought any relief. Because of all this I have very low energy & low self esteem. Whenever I go out my problems are increased. I could not study good because of all these problems, so I have done just simple graduation with points marks.

Now I don’t have so many physical problems, but mentally I am very depressed. I Always have anxiety & some unknown fear in my mind. I am trying to find out the reason of my fear & depression but could not find out the reason. I have tried so many things like yoga , Pranayama , meditation, Reiki energy healing, but no relief.

I have joined Art of living, Sahej yoga, Raja yoga but no relief. All my medical reports are normal as per doctors. They say I don’t have problem except anxiety & depression, but for that I am taking antidepressants from last 2 years. But they give no relief even when I get so many side effects. I have asked many astrologers also, but their predictions are wrong for me. These days I don’t have much physical problems, but mentally I am in very bad condition.

I suddenly start feeling very irritated & feeling crazy as if I am going mad. I even don’t remember when last I was in good condition. Currently I am doing some contractual job & I’ m not going regularly. I think now conditions are very worse so I’m thinking to quit my job but I cannot sit at home also.

So I am really very disturbed. I have lost control of my mind, and I have seen slowly I am getting detached from my family. Also I don't like any family members even when they are worried about me. Some time I have feeling that I can’t live without my family & some time I feel that I am in this condition because of my family. I don’t know why I don’t like anything. Some astrologer told me that I should stay away from family, only then you will feel better but that is not possible.

Please see if any way you can help me.

Waiting for your reply. Thanks in advance.

N. O.

Dear N. O.

I just realized that you initials are N. O. which is very wonderful, since it’s almost like you are saying no to everything in your life. So in a way, this may be your path in life, the life lesson you have come here to learn. It’s quite beautiful really, because once you understand why you are saying no, then you have a choice, and yes can happen to you. If you have someone who reads the I Ching, that might have a helpful word for you.

However, not to worry. You are not alone. Many people who have been in your situation have educated themselves about how their brain works, and realized that they have been giving their brain the wrong messages and no wonder their brain isn’t working for them.

You are also struggling with a lot of repressed fear. (We all do until we start getting in touch with our own fear—for this read Chapter 10 in my book Depression is a Choice), or if you can’t get the book let me know and I can email you the chapter.
Also you mention problems with feeling crazy, withdrawn, stomach aches, migraines, etc. These are symptoms of the body’s natural reaction to stress and stress chemicals. Once you learn how to de-stress, and deal properly with normal anxiety, it will not escalate and you will not be so much bothered by these symptoms.

The main thing is to learn how your brain works so you can make it work for you instead of against you. You can read my book Brainswitch out of Depression, if you can get the book from amazon.com where you live, I don’t think you live in USA, do you? If you can’t get the book, no problem, you can go on my website and read a lot of helpful information there. www.depressionisachoice.com and letters from others who have suffered as you suffer.

You can also go to my blog http://mobyjane.blogspot.com and read letters from people like yourself who are struggling and how many of them have been able to turn it all around. Once you have looked at this information, and read these letters, and tried a few exercises to lessen stress and depression you can email me again with more specific questions. A. B. Curtiss

Dear Sir,

Thanks for your reply. I am from India & if possible please send me the Chapter 10 from your book Depression is a Choice. N. O.

Dear N. O.

Here is the Chapter. Have you read the blog and website? There is much information there and especially read the letters from other people. They will help you see that many stuggle as yourself, you are not alone. And many will inspire you with hope and help for your own situation. A. B. Curtiss

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