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Sunday, May 19, 2013

There is a Big Difference between Thinking and Being

Dear Curtiss,

Sometimes I just feel okay with normal attitude and no fear and perform all tasks easily. I really do not understand why I have fear most time and axtream anexiety.

Regards, R

Dear R,

Think of how much better you are doing than a couple of years ago when you felt bad all the time.

The trick is to turn away, immediately, from any thoughts that you are feeling anxious and fearful and you must insist on thinking more productive thoughts. Fill your mind with productive thoughts, with interest in what you are doing. with interest in and thus thinking about others (loved ones, work colleagues, even people you pass on the street). Interconnect and re-engage with others.

Consider all the life around you--the trees, the clouds, the hills. When you re-connect there is less opportunity for those old self-absorbed, habitual, fearful, and anxious neural patterns that you have built in your brain to think themselves at your expense. You have to ignore the fear in your belly and center your energy in your heart. Your heart won't let you down. Your heart is the passageway to connecting with others as well as connecting yourself to your own being.

Fear and anxiety and all the agony of it, is a thinking process that clouds over your being. There is a big difference between thinking and being. You are a human being not a human thinking. The way to get to your being is to bring your consciouness, your awareness more from your head down to your heart. Or from your churning belly up to your heart. Right now, put your right hand over your heart, bow your head, even bow the knees if you are alone, and feel the immediate comfort and healing that takes place.Your heart is your center, the door to your being. A. B. Curtiss