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Monday, March 21, 2016

I'm Always Going Back to Square One


It seems I have to go back to the basic tools which I learnt to get out for sometimes which I started from yesterday. 


It’s true for all of us. We need to start all over every day. Start with meditation, gratitude that we are alive and get up and do our best each moment. When we fail one moment, we regroup, gather our wits and begin again with the next moment. This is the great gift of life. Every moment can be a new beginning.

A. B. Curtiss

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

I am Fearful at Work


Two months before I noticed one of the work mates was acting unethical practices to myself, caused me to have deep fear for some days since it was first time I see such actions. I went to complain to my boss about this guy and my needs from him to support me to transfer the work mate to another place which did happen by the boss.

I started to fear the boss might one day tell about this story since me and the work mate are from same country and he might take this advantages.

I am trying to strengthen myself and I am on Vacation for few days just to relax.

My fear affects my work day and family as well. Really have hard time controlling my fear.


Meditation would help you in this situation. When you feel the fear, decide to look at the fearful situation in a different way. Not through the eyes of fear but in a more meditative way, as if you are simply the observer rather than the sufferer. It takes a lot of courage but it makes you a stronger person.

Here is a helpful visualization you can use. Remember that fear is always about the future, which could really be all right. You can decide to put the fear in a mental box and close it so it doesn’t bother you.

You must avoid making yourself sick over something in the future. Decide that you are “all right in this moment”. Say to yourself “at this present moment I am safe.” Always pull back from negative thoughts about the future to the present moment where we are always safe. A. B. Curtiss

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Beat the Zika Virus

How to Beat the Zika Virus
By A.B. Curtiss

Suppose the daytime-active Aedes mosquitoes that comes from the Zika Forest of Uganda wouldn’t bite you? In that case you would never have to worry about getting the Zika virus. Right now a lot of people are worried they might get bitten.  Because the only cure at the moment for contracting this virus and getting the fever symptoms is--rest.

The symptoms themselves are not terribly dangerous for most of us. Even if you get it, you may not even be aware that you have the virus. It causes only a mild fever which is gone in a few days. But if you are in the early stages of pregnancy, there is every reason to be greatly concerned.
The Zika Virus has been found to cause symptoms in pregnant women which are associated with intrauterine growth restriction which can include abnormal brain development in the developing fetus through mother-to-child-transmission. This may result in a miscarriage.

Or it may result in microcephaly where the baby’s head is smaller than normal, due to abnormal brain development. Again, there is no cure for this. No pill you can take.  No shot you can get. No vaccine yet to prevent contracting the symptoms.

So far, the only suggestion from the health community is that if you are pregnant or considering becoming pregnant, you should avoid going to places where the mosquitoes are. That’s not terribly helpful, is it? Especially if you live in Florida, which has already experienced the presence of these nasty creatures. You are not going to want to move to Alaska, right?

Okay. So what reasonable precaution can you take? Here is a better suggestion than avoiding the mosquitos. Get the mosquitos to avoid you. That’s right. This is perfectly possible and I can’t imagine why all the doctors and clinics are not getting out the word and suggesting it. There is a natural remedy in a simple homeopathic solution made up of pure water and 3 essential oils. Not harmful to pregnant women or young children. The solution is:

For each 1 ounce of pure water add:
1 drop lemon essential oil (any brand essential oil)
1 drop lemongrass essential oil (any brand essential oil)
1 drop R.C. (Young Living Essential oil or any brand R.C. essential oil—a combination of several Eucalyptus oils)

I usually make 16 ounces at a time. This means you add 16 drops of each oil to 16 ounces in pitcher of pure water and then pour into a spray bottle. I once had a terrible flea and gnat problem where I had to seek professional help because my pregnant grand-daughter was allergic to any insect bites. No more. We sprayed it on the dogs. We sprayed it on us, including our hair.

This solution totally cured my flea problem and eye gnat and mosquito problem for when I work outside. If I lived in Florida, I would use this several times a day to make sure I’m not a target for mosquitos. Periodically when insects are prevalent, I use it several times a day here in San Diego. Don’t forget to use it on your hair as well. This is totally homeopathic, simple, easy and besides all that, it makes both me and my two German shepherds dogs smell good.