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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Jealousy is Repressed Fear


Hello Curtiss, Hope you keeping well,

I am getting Progress and more control over depression. My query is that how to relieve negative energy from our mind. sever negative jealousy shows in my face  when communication with people about their good things. It holds my feelings back without further communications. How this related with negative energy. OR is it connected with repressed fear. 

Always Thanks Curtiss for support.


Again let me congratulate you on your progress with English. And yes, you are right about jealousy being connected to repressed fear.

Being jealous of others is the same thing as being angry with others. We are only angry and jealous when we are seeing the world through our own fear. Jealousy is more about our own fear than anything else. When we deal with the world though a haze of fear it is not the same as seeing the world through the eyes of love. Usually we are full of a lot of repressed fear left over from childhood unless we start to make an effort to get rid of our old repressed fear. Read Chapter 10 in the book Depression is a Choice. I know you have the book. A famous psychiatrist once said “Love is Getting Rid of Fear.” For when you work through your fear, love is what you are left with.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Need Help with PTSD


Hi A.B. Curtis,

 I’ve read and love your books and wanted to say thank you for all the great information.  I was wondering what your take is on PTSD and how to deal with it or treat it.  I'm also thinking about seeing a therapist for help with a dysfunctional relationship I'm in, and with getting my life more organized, what type of therapy would you recommend and what types to avoid. Thank you


PTSD is a problem with brain chemistry in that one cannot get out of the fight or flight response and therefore suffers with chronic anxiety. Another good  book for chronic anxiety is by Dr. Claire Weekes called HOPE AND HELP FOR YOUR NERVES. 

As far as relationship problems. iF you are not dysfunctional yourself, you cannot be in a dysfunctional relationship. Once you get yourself functional you will be able to help others.

The problem today is that all the institutions that used to support functional relationships have disappeared. The functional unit of any society is the family. When that is downgraded, we are all adrift and don’t know where the heck we are or where we are going or why. It’s not just you, who are searching for some kind of sanity. This whole culture is. You are definitely not alone.

Read some books by Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra. Just keep looking for higher ground. I would also suggest meditation. Hope this helps some. If you have specific questions about specific interactions I can help with that. We have to start small and build on that. A. B. Curtiss

Tuesday, February 23, 2016



Hello! I live in Carlsbad, California and I have been writing picture books for the last couple of years, and so far have not been published. I make it my habit to read a children's book every night--mostly "random pulls" from the Children's library.

A couple of days ago I began reading Dragons Guard the Zoo. I am crazy for poetry--and I can't tell you how much I am enjoying your book! I wish you had been a family member of mine! What a wonderful gift you have given your children and grandchildren! I will intentionally look for your other books at the library now. (:


Thank you so much. It is letters like yours that make writing such a rewarding experience for me. A. B. Curtiss

Sunday, February 21, 2016

May I have your Permission


My eldest daughter and I met you in San Diago Zoo some years back when you signed a copy of in the company of bears to her from the author. I have since those many years passed been asked to read in the company of bears to second grade class.

I myself an published recording artist of Instrumental Music understand copyright covers any reproduction, Furthermore, I know to request of the author permission to read this book to a class of students as it is my copy not property I own. Finally, I will not be accepting compensation in any way.

Therefore, I humbly ask your permission Miss AB to read In The Company of Bears to my daughter's class, please?


Of course you have my permission to read In the Comany of Bears to your daughter's class with my blessings. A. B. Curtiss

Friday, February 19, 2016

How do you Do what Needs to be Done?

                     Human Motivation

How can you face the hard things in life?
First, call on the best that is in you.
And boldly make a start.
Shake off the easy cringe of fear
Step forth with a willing heart.
Resolve to accomplish what needs to be done
There is help for the one who will ask.
Call on your courage
Gather your tools
And present yourself to the task.
                                                                 A.B. Curtiss

Friday, February 12, 2016

Your Information Would be Helpful for my Friend


I have your book DEPRESSION IS A CHOICE and had some old printouts that are not clear from you older website that were exercises; 10 don't etc. I want to share them with a friend who was physically abused as a child and she is on lots of drugs and is the mother of two toddlers, who have some physical and emotional issues I believe may be related to all the drugs she has taken over the years.


You can still print out that information from my new website www.abcurtiss.com. Just click on DEPRESSION at the top and scroll down to depressionisachoice.com

Friday, February 5, 2016

I get Depressed from Eating Some Foods


Hi A.B. Whenever I ingest milk, eggs, or turkey, I develop very severe depression. After I stop these foods, it will take my body 72 hours to normalize my mood. You claim that thought leads to mood impairment. I agree with you if you're talking about reactive depression. However, how do you explain the depression I have, which is due to an inflammatory reaction? BTW, I do get other symptoms, such as going to the bathroom constantly, burping, etc., and sometimes extreme back pains.


All depression is caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain. The chemical imbalance can be caused by foods, hormones or by accidentally triggering the flight or fight response with fearful or accidental anxious thinking when there is no reason to be alarmed. With accidental thinking, stress chemicals not being dissipated in action (which would dissipate them) are very hard on the metabolic system causing the body energy to go way down. A. B. Curtiss