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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Jealousy is Repressed Fear


Hello Curtiss, Hope you keeping well,

I am getting Progress and more control over depression. My query is that how to relieve negative energy from our mind. sever negative jealousy shows in my face  when communication with people about their good things. It holds my feelings back without further communications. How this related with negative energy. OR is it connected with repressed fear. 

Always Thanks Curtiss for support.


Again let me congratulate you on your progress with English. And yes, you are right about jealousy being connected to repressed fear.

Being jealous of others is the same thing as being angry with others. We are only angry and jealous when we are seeing the world through our own fear. Jealousy is more about our own fear than anything else. When we deal with the world though a haze of fear it is not the same as seeing the world through the eyes of love. Usually we are full of a lot of repressed fear left over from childhood unless we start to make an effort to get rid of our old repressed fear. Read Chapter 10 in the book Depression is a Choice. I know you have the book. A famous psychiatrist once said “Love is Getting Rid of Fear.” For when you work through your fear, love is what you are left with.

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