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Friday, April 29, 2011

The Tapping Video

I don't know a great deal about the emotional freedom technique but it has many advocates. The tapping method for getting out of depression and anxiety seems a good tool for your emotional arsenal. Here is the link to what I think is the best one I've seen so far. Paste this on to your browser. A. B. Curtiss

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Love Always Works

Thanks so much for your advice because I was not really showing my child the love in the past. I think hugs and kissing my child will change a lot. 

I still do not know why I sometimes feel super sensitized and causes me troubles with my family and people. The only way I know is to accept that feeling according to Dr Claire Weekes. That book is very helpful for my symptoms but still the sudden sensitized brings me down and last for days. 

Dear R.

You are welcome. Love always works. And remember to be gentle with yourself.  A. B. Curtiss

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Update on Back Problem and My Anxiety

All week I struggled with anxiety and was seldom free from it except when I slept. I always use The Coue method of hypnosis and a few brainswitching mind tricks to get to sleep and they always seem to work. Just during the day I was not doing well.

Last week I went to a nutritionist/acupuncturist (Eastern medicine rather than Western medicine although this doctor says Western medicine is wonderful in some respects) and he put me on phosphorus, B complex and trace mineral tonic, and the herb Ginseng.  It helped a little. But yesterday he said that my body just wasn't working. That I was missing some tools in my brain toolbox. As I understood him--and he is way beyond my area of expertise, when my brain asked for ways for the neurons to connect, there was nothing there to use. My brain's well of certain amino acids (evidently the precursors of neurotransmitters) was dry and needed to be filled. He gave me some drops and within an hour I was completely free from anxiety for the first time in weeks. This morning I am still fine. I will continue the amino acids treatment. I see him again on Friday.

This morning when I awoke, I did notice some body symptoms of anxiety start up--heart thumping, shallow breath, but they did not frighten me as they have been doing, I was able to use a little brainswitching and they soon subsided. I pray that you all may find your way to the healer who may have the answer for you. A. B. Curtiss

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Why Do I Turture Myself?

Dear A. B.

Thank you for your prompt answer, it's great.

One more thing on my heart: Is brainswitching – although having many benefits and helping much better than medication -  not also, fighting the symptoms and not the cause“?

Where do the downer thoughts come from? What is the reason, the meaning of all that? Why I am affected so strongly by them and other people not?  

Why am I torturing myself?

Psychotherapy gave some clues but didnt really help (not as much as brainswitching).
Where is the complete and final healing hidden? I am willing to find it.

All the best
Dear J.

I'm afraid that downer thoughts are a human condition. Some people have learned, early on, to turn from them right away rather than dwelling on them and these people, in general, do not suffer depression. Those who have spent a great deal of time in depression have made stronger downer neural patterns which trigger up all the time. It is more of an effort for us. Brainswitching helps with the cause as well as the symptom because a lot of healing lies in making new neural patterns so that the balance changes and we have more good-stuff neural patterns and stronger good-stuff neural patterns.

.Even reading joke books and seeing comedy movies helps with this. Any kind of relaxation, distraction, physical exercise helps. Also a good nutritionist can make sure that you are physically healthy and are not missing nutrients that make good red blood cells.

Why do we torture ourselves? I wish I could answer that. I have to think that the final healing lies not in the brain but in the heart, in our connection with Life from the heart. As much as possible try to move your awareness down to the heart area. Meditation and breathing exercises help with this. Communing with nature helps.We are made of love and we are all on a path back to ourselves.

Dear A. B.

Thank you for your beautiful answer.
There are not many successful authors in this world who would invest so much time for a stranger.
Maybe here lies another clue for healing: helping others, selflessly.

Please keep up your good work!

Greetings from sunny Vienna


Dear J

Thank you. Yes, I think we are here to help each other. Nothing else makes sense.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Thanks for Your Great Book

Dear Ms. Curtiss

Your book „Brainswitch“ helped me very much in easing the depression I suffer from since my fathers death 28 months ago.

Actually for 8 months depression left me completely, but two months ago it popped up again. So I guess I have to work harder ( I am using Sanskrit mantras for emergency now).

One question is on my mind:

When You speak about directed thinking, repeating „ yes“ or „green frog“ or whatever , do You mean saying it loud, or whispering or mouthing the words or think them silently?

Please be specific about this, I am the kind of person who needs exact guidelinesJ

One observation I want to share :

Directed thinking definitely helps and eases the pain of depression, but in  my case after doing it a while a kind of obsessive reaction starts. Strange, uncomely words pop up and making me feel desperate again (How can I have such bad thoughts?“). This obsessive thinking is very hard to get rid of.  Maybe You can comment on this.

Kind regards

J., Vienna, Austria

Dear J,

When I refer to saying "green frog" over and over I mean in your mind--saying it to yourself. When I first started using "green frog" I screamed it in my mind. Now if you want to say it out loud, you can, and it may be that hearing the words and the act of mouthing them will be of help in increasing your powers of concentration on them through a kind of body-mind connection.  Nursery rhymes are especially good for saying out loud as well as saying in your mind.  What is necessary is to say it so fast, either out loud or to yourself, that it blocks the acknowledgment in the neocortex that depression is being produced in the subcortex--gives the downer thinking less of a chance to intrude.

Obsessive thinking of horrible thoughts should slowly be exchanged for obsessive thinking about non-horrible thoughts. Any kind of meditation or breathing exercises are helpful for obsessive thinking. Transcendental meditation and deep breathing helps with obsessive thinking. You need to distract your mind away from obsessive thinking toward something else that is more outer directed and productive. You can choose your own thoughts. It helps to plan ahead which thought you are going to think instead of the horrible thought so that you link those two together in the brain so that when the bad thought pops up, the good thought is linked to it. Remember that the brain works by learned association. You can create new learned associations between thoughts. And the other thing to remember is that the mind always follows the direction of its most current dominant thought. You make any thought dominant by repetitively thinking it over and over.  

A. B. Curtiss

Monday, April 18, 2011

Still Studying Coue in Depth

I have several books by Emile Coue and I find that I learn something from reading the same idea over in slightly different words. Somehow something of importance is conveyed by hearing it said in a slightly different way.

"What we want to know, therefore, is the mechanism by which we may acquire control of our subconscious self--in other words, achieve self-mastery.

"The method is simplicity itself. So simple that is has been scoffed at, as all simple solutions of seemingly complicated problems have been scoffed at. But its logic is irrefutable, and its effects are demonstrated every day of our lives.

"All that is necessary is to place oneself in a position of mental passiveness, silence the voice of conscious analysis, and then deposit in the ever-awake subconscious the idea or suggestion which one desires to be realized."

Mental passiveness is a something I'm learning. I'm getting better and better at relaxing my analysis of how I'm saying the "mantra" and not thinking so hard about "doing it right." I just do it without analyzing how I'm doing it. It was helpful to read that it is better to let your mind wander for a bit rather than to "control" it to do the "mantra." Sometimes I fall asleep for a second or two in the middle of the "mantra" and I consider that great progress. A. B. Curtiss

Friday, April 15, 2011

Your Perfect Double Exercise

Pretend there is an alternate universe where your perfect double exists. This "other you" has perfect health and has whatever in life that you are wanting for yourself. Now imagine yourself sitting in a chair just as you are, relax and feel your lack completely, now visualize this perfect you materializing into this universe. Then bring the perfect you from the alternate universe and superimpose it on the you sitting in the chair, and imagine you are healing until all  the differences are  resolved. You are now as perfect as the perfect double.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Coue's Hints on Maximum Results

I've been using the Coue's Method and I must say that my back is now perfect. My digestion is perfect, my appetite is good,  my sleep is good, and my anxiety is lessening every day. However, that said, it is hard for me to do this "without effort" as I have always been a hard-working, persevering type of person. However, I'm sure that my whole life will profit from "getting the idea of without effort." So writing these things down on my blog helps cement them in my own mind. 

As Coue says, the child still exists in the most mature person. So the infantile mode of repeating the formula, "Every day in every way I'm getting better and better" tends to put you in touch with deep levels of the Unconscious where the child-mind still survives.

"Although these instructions no doubt fall somewhat short of our ideal of a thought entirely occupying the mind. But they are sufficient for a beginning. The soverein rule is to make no effort, and if this is observed you will intuitively fall into the right attitude. This process of the Unconscious adaptation may be hastened by a simple suggestion before beginning. Say to yourself, "I shall repeat the formula in such a manner as to secure its maximum effect.: This will bring about the required conditions much more effectively than any conscious exercise of thought."

Monday, April 11, 2011

More on Coue's "Method"

Coue’s Method

Take a piece of string and tie in it 20 knots. By this means you can count with a minimum expenditure of attention how many times you say “Day by day, in every way, I’m getting better and better. On getting into bed close your eyes, relax your muscles and take up a comfortable posture. These are no more than the ordinary preliminaries of slumber. Now repeat twenty times, counting by means of the knots, “Day by day, in every way, I’m getting better and better.

The words should be utter aloud, that is, loud enough to be audible to your own ears. In this way the idea is reinforced the movements of lips and tongue and by the auditory impressions conveyed through the ear. Say it simply, WITHOUT EFFORT, like a child absently murmuring a nursery rhyme. Thus you avoid an appeal to the critical faculties of the conscious mind which would lesson the emergence  of the Unconscious mind. Don’t try to think what you are saying. On the contrary, let the mind wander whither it will; if it rests on the formula, all the better. If it strays elsewhere do not recall it. As long as your repetition does not come to a full stop, your mind-wandering will be less disturbing than would be the effort to recall your thoughts as an act of will.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

You Cure Bad Thoughts with Better Thoughts

Hi Ms. Curtiss -

Thought this video (series of videos on youtube) were very interesting and I thought of you and your books.


Paula Walentowicz
Thanks for sending this. Yes, I am of a similar mind. Thought disorder must be cured by better thought. It is not easy but many have succeeded.  A. B. Curtiss

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Coue on a Person Suffering from Unfounded fears

"From today onward I shall become more and more conscious of all that is happy, positive and cheerful. The thoughts which enter my mind will be strong and healthful ones."

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Yesterday was a Hard Day but Ended Well

I finally realized that my anxiety attacks were more like panic attacks than depression and my regular store of brainwitching tricks were not as efficient as deep breathing, or as I call it, belly breathing. I could always achieve calm by hypnosis and Coue's autosuggestion "method." However I couldn't always take the half hour or hour to do it. I couldn't count on l5 minutes, that seemed too short to really get through it.

Deep breathing can be done anywhere, anytime and I can immediately employ it when the anxiety hits me, I don't even have to sit down. I can do it even standing in line at the Post Office. The last two mornings were really anxious from about 5am to 10 am, until I did a hypnosis session but then the anxiety would return in a few hours. Last night I said to myself when the anxiety redoubled on me, "This is really like my old panic attacks that I always did belly breathing for.. In just a few minutes of concentrating on  my breathing in and breathing out, the panic was gone. So far this morning I am fine and looking forward to the rest of the day, having confidence that I can calmly breathe my way though any flashbacks of panic.

And I also use the Claire Weeks phrase, "let time pass until my sensitized nerves recover" and I add "I can do this and I am going to do it." And then I do it. And I find I am becoming more and more desensitized to and can separate myself out from the initial panic and fear that knocks the wind out of me, strikes fear in my heart, and turns my knees to jelly. I also remember Claire Weeks line "jelly legs can still carry you anywhere."  Little by little I am more and more able see the unreality and unnecessity of such panic.

I think I have written enough descriptions of my panic and will probably not be writing about them anymore because it is better for me and I think for any of my blog readers not to concentrate on such symptoms but rather turn away from them and pursue more productive thought images.Look outside and see the the branches of the nearest tree. Really look. Keep looking. Keep looking. Take a deep breath. Another deep breath.  RELAX. Smile.Do the next thing.
A. B. Curtiss

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

An Honor for One of my Children's Books

I received this letter from the Smithsonian Institution yesterday:

Jenny Wei, Education Specialist
Smithsonian Institution
Washington, DC, 20013-7012
Dear Ms. Curtiss:
After reading and thoroughly enjoying your book The Little Chapel that Stood by A.B. Curtiss ©2003, the staff of the National Museum of American History would like to feature the book in our OurStory program.
OurStory is a series of online resources designed to help children and adults enjoy exploring history through the use of objects, quality children's literature, hands-on activities and community excursions.  The central learning activity will encourage teachers and parents to get a copy of the book and read it with their children, then explore the historical content further through extension activities such as field trips, online exploration, or hands-on projects.  You can see how we are using other works of children's literature by going to the OurStory web site (http://americanhistory.si.edu/ourstory/activities/mlk/).
We plan to develop similar activities surrounding The Little Chapel that Stood and the September 11, 2001 collections at our Museum.  The activities will be released in summer 2011, as a part of the Museum’s observation of the tenth anniversary of the September 11, 2001 attacks.
The activities will be made available free of charge through the Verizon Foundation's Thinkfinity web site(www.thinkfinity.org), which provides educational resources for teachers, parents, students and afterschool education professionals, and through the Museum's History Explorer web site (http://historyexplorer.si.edu/), which makes Smithsonian educational resources and online exhibitions readily available to the general public.
We would like permission to use images of the front & back covers and three internal illustrations for non-commercial, educational purposes and will credit the above resources as per your instructions.
The Little Chapel that Stood is a wonderful work of children’s literature that balances historical fact with an uplifting message. Its powerful narrative makes it is the perfect fit for a new OurStory module focused on a difficult anniversary.
I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Jenny Wei

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My Cup Runneth Over

Another great day. My cup runneth over. However, I know that good thoughts must be maintained not just wished for. Brainswitching is getting easier. I've been using "Yes, we have no bananas" to withdraw my attention from anxiety when it comes.

Often during the day I relax and imagine the following scene:

I imagine I'm sitting in Emile Coue's garden in Nancy, France with all the other patients that come to see him daily. I am in a very relaxed state and I hear his voice saying:

"If in the past you have been subject to depression, gloom and melancholy forebodings  you will henceforward be free from such troubles.. If you have sometimes been haunted by evil and unwholeseome ideas, by fears or phobias these ideas will gradually cease to occupy your mind. They will melt away like a cloud. As a dream vanishes when we wake so will this vain images disappear."

Monday, April 4, 2011

So Encouraging

I'm so encouraged by how well I feel today. My back problem seems completely healed. Even if the anxiety comes back now and then I think that I'm in good shape to handle any setback. But I did get a taste of how difficult it is to do brainswitching when you are really anxious. As with anything else, our intention that we can be well and healthy puts us on the road to recovery. Thanks again for all your cards and letters of encouragement. We are a resource for each other. A. B. Curtiss

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Our Intention to Change has Already Begun the Change

The thoughts that keep us anxious can be changed. It is not easy to change them but our intention to change them has already begun to help. We want to be cured of anxiety RIGHT NOW. However, it may take some time to establish a better thinking pattern, to establish a new attitude toward our anxious worry.My own anxiety is lessening every day. I am learning calm acceptance.

Here is what Claire Weeks had to say about her patients being patient about their recovery from nervous anxiety. Her method is

Face the fear,

Accept the physical symptoms (which are, in reality, medically insignificant, although we tend to hate them (fear) them)

Float through the physical symptoms, relax, and continue your regular occupation,

Let time pass

The following quote is from the book “Hope and Help for Your Nerves”

“I often find that after talking for the first time to a nervously ill patient, he leaves the consulting room elated and convinced he is cured, sure that he has found the magic wand at last, only to return a few days later, disappointed and depressed, in spite of a warning that this could happen. I explain again that his nerves need more time to respond to the new approach; that he is like a runner in a race who, having touched the goal must continue to run some yards before he can stop. When these people finally understand and accept this, they take heart. Understanding and willingness to let more time pass finally work the miracle.

“Calm acceptance, despite delayed recovery, is your goal. However, although you understand and try to accept calmly, at first you may find calm acceptance very difficult. Do not be disappointed. In the beginning it is enough to direct your thoughts toward acceptance. Calm acceptance will follow in time.

“Also it may be that although you wish to be unafraid, you may still add plenty of second fear. Do not be discouraged even by this. If you can but understand what I have been teaching you, you have made the first step toward recovery. It is enough at this stage to wish to be unafraid. Provided you  make up your mind to accept the strange feelings although still afraid of them, you will gradually lose your fear, because decision to accept releases a certain tension and so reduces the intensity of your symptoms. This brings a little hope, and you begin to gain confidence in recovery. Loss of fear eventually follows.”

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Even Heading for a Good Thought

Referring to the comment on yesterday's blog. Even thinking about what good thought one might think is heading in the right direction. Just looking around to find something in your objective-outside- yourself world to look at for a minute is good. A good intention is good. Just knowing that to think a good thought would be a good idea is progress.

This morning I found myself looking at a pair of scissors. I decided to just concentrate on that dumb pair of scissors and see if I could make that into a meditation. Anything works because our whole world is sacred and I trust that when we reach out for help, we are answered. Just by concentrating on the scissors I was able tomove my awarenessness from tension down to my heart area and relax.

And remember to relax your shoulders during the day to catch any tension you collect there.

Friday, April 1, 2011

If you Think Good Thoughts

I have been thinking this thought quite often thanks to Emile Coue

If you think good thoughts you will be a good person, if you think healthy thoughts you will be a healthy person, if you think happy thoughts you will be a happy person, if you think kind thoughts you will be a kind person, if you think loving thoughts you will be a loving person.

And if you can't think of a good thought you can think, good thoughts will be occurring to me, good thoughts are coming, good thoughts are forming.