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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Why Do I Turture Myself?

Dear A. B.

Thank you for your prompt answer, it's great.

One more thing on my heart: Is brainswitching – although having many benefits and helping much better than medication -  not also, fighting the symptoms and not the cause“?

Where do the downer thoughts come from? What is the reason, the meaning of all that? Why I am affected so strongly by them and other people not?  

Why am I torturing myself?

Psychotherapy gave some clues but didnt really help (not as much as brainswitching).
Where is the complete and final healing hidden? I am willing to find it.

All the best
Dear J.

I'm afraid that downer thoughts are a human condition. Some people have learned, early on, to turn from them right away rather than dwelling on them and these people, in general, do not suffer depression. Those who have spent a great deal of time in depression have made stronger downer neural patterns which trigger up all the time. It is more of an effort for us. Brainswitching helps with the cause as well as the symptom because a lot of healing lies in making new neural patterns so that the balance changes and we have more good-stuff neural patterns and stronger good-stuff neural patterns.

.Even reading joke books and seeing comedy movies helps with this. Any kind of relaxation, distraction, physical exercise helps. Also a good nutritionist can make sure that you are physically healthy and are not missing nutrients that make good red blood cells.

Why do we torture ourselves? I wish I could answer that. I have to think that the final healing lies not in the brain but in the heart, in our connection with Life from the heart. As much as possible try to move your awareness down to the heart area. Meditation and breathing exercises help with this. Communing with nature helps.We are made of love and we are all on a path back to ourselves.

Dear A. B.

Thank you for your beautiful answer.
There are not many successful authors in this world who would invest so much time for a stranger.
Maybe here lies another clue for healing: helping others, selflessly.

Please keep up your good work!

Greetings from sunny Vienna


Dear J

Thank you. Yes, I think we are here to help each other. Nothing else makes sense.

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