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Monday, April 18, 2011

Still Studying Coue in Depth

I have several books by Emile Coue and I find that I learn something from reading the same idea over in slightly different words. Somehow something of importance is conveyed by hearing it said in a slightly different way.

"What we want to know, therefore, is the mechanism by which we may acquire control of our subconscious self--in other words, achieve self-mastery.

"The method is simplicity itself. So simple that is has been scoffed at, as all simple solutions of seemingly complicated problems have been scoffed at. But its logic is irrefutable, and its effects are demonstrated every day of our lives.

"All that is necessary is to place oneself in a position of mental passiveness, silence the voice of conscious analysis, and then deposit in the ever-awake subconscious the idea or suggestion which one desires to be realized."

Mental passiveness is a something I'm learning. I'm getting better and better at relaxing my analysis of how I'm saying the "mantra" and not thinking so hard about "doing it right." I just do it without analyzing how I'm doing it. It was helpful to read that it is better to let your mind wander for a bit rather than to "control" it to do the "mantra." Sometimes I fall asleep for a second or two in the middle of the "mantra" and I consider that great progress. A. B. Curtiss

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