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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Even Heading for a Good Thought

Referring to the comment on yesterday's blog. Even thinking about what good thought one might think is heading in the right direction. Just looking around to find something in your objective-outside- yourself world to look at for a minute is good. A good intention is good. Just knowing that to think a good thought would be a good idea is progress.

This morning I found myself looking at a pair of scissors. I decided to just concentrate on that dumb pair of scissors and see if I could make that into a meditation. Anything works because our whole world is sacred and I trust that when we reach out for help, we are answered. Just by concentrating on the scissors I was able tomove my awarenessness from tension down to my heart area and relax.

And remember to relax your shoulders during the day to catch any tension you collect there.

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