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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Our Intention to Change has Already Begun the Change

The thoughts that keep us anxious can be changed. It is not easy to change them but our intention to change them has already begun to help. We want to be cured of anxiety RIGHT NOW. However, it may take some time to establish a better thinking pattern, to establish a new attitude toward our anxious worry.My own anxiety is lessening every day. I am learning calm acceptance.

Here is what Claire Weeks had to say about her patients being patient about their recovery from nervous anxiety. Her method is

Face the fear,

Accept the physical symptoms (which are, in reality, medically insignificant, although we tend to hate them (fear) them)

Float through the physical symptoms, relax, and continue your regular occupation,

Let time pass

The following quote is from the book “Hope and Help for Your Nerves”

“I often find that after talking for the first time to a nervously ill patient, he leaves the consulting room elated and convinced he is cured, sure that he has found the magic wand at last, only to return a few days later, disappointed and depressed, in spite of a warning that this could happen. I explain again that his nerves need more time to respond to the new approach; that he is like a runner in a race who, having touched the goal must continue to run some yards before he can stop. When these people finally understand and accept this, they take heart. Understanding and willingness to let more time pass finally work the miracle.

“Calm acceptance, despite delayed recovery, is your goal. However, although you understand and try to accept calmly, at first you may find calm acceptance very difficult. Do not be disappointed. In the beginning it is enough to direct your thoughts toward acceptance. Calm acceptance will follow in time.

“Also it may be that although you wish to be unafraid, you may still add plenty of second fear. Do not be discouraged even by this. If you can but understand what I have been teaching you, you have made the first step toward recovery. It is enough at this stage to wish to be unafraid. Provided you  make up your mind to accept the strange feelings although still afraid of them, you will gradually lose your fear, because decision to accept releases a certain tension and so reduces the intensity of your symptoms. This brings a little hope, and you begin to gain confidence in recovery. Loss of fear eventually follows.”

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