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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My Cup Runneth Over

Another great day. My cup runneth over. However, I know that good thoughts must be maintained not just wished for. Brainswitching is getting easier. I've been using "Yes, we have no bananas" to withdraw my attention from anxiety when it comes.

Often during the day I relax and imagine the following scene:

I imagine I'm sitting in Emile Coue's garden in Nancy, France with all the other patients that come to see him daily. I am in a very relaxed state and I hear his voice saying:

"If in the past you have been subject to depression, gloom and melancholy forebodings  you will henceforward be free from such troubles.. If you have sometimes been haunted by evil and unwholeseome ideas, by fears or phobias these ideas will gradually cease to occupy your mind. They will melt away like a cloud. As a dream vanishes when we wake so will this vain images disappear."

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