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Thursday, November 29, 2012

I Was Mixed up Between Depression and Feeling of Unreality or Anxiety

Hi Curtiss

Hope you keeping well

Now I see how depression is different from feeling of unreality or anxiety. I was having trouble getting mixed up between them.

I see now how human being needs to assure himself deeply in order to fix feeling of unreality. I understand now how having some kind of faith or religion is important to help reaching this assurance or confidence.

I am still suffer from breaking down nerves which causes the fear but not the fear that I used to have it.

Thanks Curtiss


Dear R,

First, give yourself a lot of credit for communicating with me in English which is not easy for you.

Yes, you are right, everybody, at times, has insubstantial, crazy thoughts of unreality. What helps is to label them right away as bizarre, unusual thinking and turn your mind to something you know is real and abiding.

For instance, last night my husband had gone to bed aboaut 11:30 and I wanted to see the last of this movie Shutter Island. It was so horrible, about an insane institution, and I didn't realize it was going to end so badly. When it finished I looked around the empty house and this terrible feeling of unreality seized my heart. Maybe I was going crazy, too, I thought. The feeling was terrifying.

I immediately insisted on turning my thoughts to one of my favorite meditations (It's an old Hawaiian mediation called Ooponopono) and concentrated on that. I insisted on thinking that no matter what I was thinking, my bizarre thinking couldn't be trusted at that moment because I was very tired. I also concentrated on the ordinariness of the familiar things around me. And I said to myself that I would place my trust in the Grace of the Creator and it was time to go to bed and rest. A. B. Curtiss

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