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Sunday, January 13, 2013

To be Human is to Suffer

Hi Curtiss

Hope you keeping well, I have anxiety for all this long and most of the time. I have a plan to visit United Sates soon to see Chinese doctors.

My question is, does this help to lessen from anxiety or it fades by itself.

Thanks Curtiss, R

Dear R,

Anxiety is fear. We have to acknowledge our fear and insist that our mind get busy with something productive despite the fear. Fear is part of the human condition. All human beings do suffer, in various degrees and at various times with failure, guilt, bad luck, bad health, fear to move ahead, fear that no one really loves us, fear that we are going bonkers, fear that no one will save us, fear that nothing will work, and yet we must still move ahead, however we can manage, with our day. It is the only option. There is no reasonable option but to move ahead the best we can, reach out to others so that we don't become too isolated in our fear, pick up our burden and put our hand and our mind to some work or task that is near at hand, any small thing that is a positive effort. In that way we begin to feel a little better and as we move ahead, and exert ourselves in positive effort we start to feel a little better.

Good nutrition and Chinese medicine will assure that our physical health is the best we can make it. No one is perfectly healthy, or totally without fear, doubt and anxiety. But nevertheless as we truly pursue, one by one, the small tasks of our ordinary everyday life with our very best effort, and don't allow ourselves to wallow in our mental miseries, we will be perfectly okay. Let us appreciate what we do have. If we have two arms, two legs, can physically take care of ourselves, that's for sure a good start. Many people are able to move ahead with their lives even without these basic necessities. Look around you, get busy with some small task, engage with others on your daily path, know that you are not really alone. Somehow, in some way, we are all one. I send my love to you, as a fellow traveler, on this new day. A. B. Curtiss

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