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Thursday, March 8, 2018

I've Never Felt Truly Happy

Dear AB
I am almost 16 and have never truly felt happy. I do not fear depression, I only fear of letting it win. I have had very traumatic experiences ever since I can remember. It just has never gotten better.

Dear Never Truly Happy,
You are not alone. The new generations of Americans are known for their rootlessness and a feeling of not belonging and flat out unhappiness. Our whole society has become less connected. People are connecting to the Internet, to virtual connections like facebook or twitter instead of connecting with each other. People move all the time and the lifestyle of knowing most of the people in our small town is long gone. The only help for us humans is to somehow figure out how to connect with like-minded people. It takes some effort on your part but…

The trick is to use the Internet not as an end in itself but to use it to connect to real people in some way. If you like to hike, you will find a list of where to meet other hikers on Meetup.com for your area. There might be one or two other groups meeting that you might find interesting. 

It is always possible to make some small connection with our fellow man even if it's just to say "nice day, isn't it" to the next person in the grocery checkout line. Or waiting in line at the Post Office or for movie tickets. It takes a little courage to be the first to make a friendly remark to a stranger, but let me en-courage you to do it.  A.B. Curtiss

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