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Friday, December 17, 2010

Depression is fear-based

Sometimes when I keep getting hit  by aftershocks of depressed it helps to keep reminding myself what is happening.I tell myself that I know this is depression, that it is caused by my thinking at the moment and that to get out of it, I need to change my thinking. I also tell myself that my thought is the one thing over which I have been given complete control. But I have not been required to take charge of my thinking. I can choose to or not. And it is in my best interests to choose to.

I tell myself that, when I feel bad, my energy is fear-based and I have the power to change my energy immediately by changing my thought. Energy is not like feelings. Energy is a force that you produce by your thought. Most people produce it unthinkingly--like stuffing down anger, or sending out anger. But it is a force that you have immediately control over, unlike feelings.

So when I find myself slipping into disconnect and alienation and I'm out and about in the world, I choose some passer-by to send a healing, or some kind of a prayer or love-based thought, or even just thinking that they have their own story to tell and if we sat down to a cup of tea I'm sure I would be fascinated by what they have to tell me about their life

It takes a while to get the hang of sending out your loving energy to someone. But when you do it, you can immediately see your depression disappear into a love-based kind of joy. If the love energy doesn't stay with you, find another person to focus on. When you focus on caring about another person, you cannot, at the same time focus on caring about your own pain.

Just keep going forward. Keep taking charge of your thought. You are always more powerful than your depression. Always. Always. We are a force for love or fear. We can choose which.

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