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Friday, December 10, 2010

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Thanks again BLUEYEDANE for you comments. Depression is a strange thing. When you're NOT depressed you simply can't believe in the power of depression. How could your own thinking be ALL THAT bad?

Then when you ARE depressed you can't believe in your own power to get out of it.  NOTHING MATTERS ANYMORE BECAUSE THERE'S NO POINT TO MY LIFE. IT"S HOPELESS. THERE IS NO  REMEDY. I'M DOOMED.

So I guess my path is first, to keep devising better and better reminders to remember my own power when I'm depressed, and then to pass on these methods and my experience with them to help others remember their power when they are in the throes of depression.

It's a real help just to remember each other "out there" when we're suddenly locked in the isolation booth of depression. So we don't forget there is an "out there" and there are "others." We are never alone. And thank God for that. We can trust in this humanity. A. B.

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Ginger said...

Yes there are lots of people who care out there! Seems this struggle is pretty universal, and we can all learn from one another about what helps and what doesn't.

While I don't sense this is true for you, depression for me often stems from worry and "what if?" thinking. I identify with my mind, which is quite skilled at projecting itself into an imaginary future, creating fear within me. There is no way I can cope with this future situation, because it doesn't exist! It is a phantom conjured up by my mind.

How to stop the insanity of this life-destroying phantom? I'm learning to ask myself, "What problem do I have right now? Not in a few months or next year, but in this moment. Usually, I determine that I actually am fine! I can cope with what is front of me! I can't cope with a phantom future crisis, I realize then, & I don't have to! The answer, the resource, the strength and action will be there when I need it, I tell myself.

Talking myself into having faith erases the anxiety and the depression fades fast, but it seems I need to continually remind myself of this...my mind wants to play the "what if?" game, and it's a master at it!

Reminders, reminders...we need them, and need them often. The mind destroys our memory is seems!