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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Shoud We Treat our Brain "Softly?"

Dear Curtiss 

I was thinking about the brain like a sponge with water. The sponge can absorb any amount of water and it is very flexible. Same thing with the brain. The brain is very flexible and can accept any thoughts. If you dig hard in the brain in thinking, it will be expanded in the brain and then hard wired.

We have to take care of this sponge and deal with it softly.    

Regards, R________

Dear R______

The brain is the most complex machine in human existence. Its power is limitless.

I never thought about treating my brain softly. I mainly think about getting my powerful brain to treat me softly by commanding it to do what I want rather than take me for some negative ride of its own, where I usually do not wish to go.

This is why it is so necessary to have some purpose in your life, some craft, some mission, some good work you wish to accomplish.  Without a purpose, it is difficult to direct your thinking in a productive direction. I don't think it is enough to have just the purpose of not feeling bad and directing your thinking away from downer thoughts. I think it is necessary to have something that is important for you to take on as your "duty."  You may not know what your “duty” is but you could at least think about it and perhaps something positive will occur to you. A. B. Curtiss

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Ginger said...

I can see R's analogy of the "brain as sponge" in that most of us do treat our brains passively, allowing all sorts of negativity to soak in! Without directed thinking we will just absorb whatever comes along.

The sponge is a helpful image to me, as it illustrates beautifully how passive living can get us in trouble as we merely "soak up" rather than create, experiences and thoughts.

A.B.'s assertion that we need to direct our thinking and life's path with purpose can also be seen using the visual of a sponge. One could imagine: "I won't let my sponge sit in a dirty bucket of water. I will only put my sponge in clean water. I will use my sponge productively and get much accomplished with it. How wonderful to have such a useful tool at my beck and call!"