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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Depression is not Inherited

Dear Ms Curtiss 

Thanks so much for the support.

Sorry, I was not really clear in the question. I mean for anyone who might be exposed to depression and have never experienced depression. For example, If the depression is inherited and some brothers or sisters got it and some not.  R_________

Dear R_________

Depression is not inherited. It is part of the human psychological defense mechanism. Some people learn, early on, if they are not around depressed people, to distract themselves from downer thinking and never get into the habit of depression and so never develop the strong neural pattern that others develop who don't distract themselves from downer thinking that becomes depression. We learn depression from others who are depressed, when the people around us make a habit of not thinking more cheerfully. When we grow up around people who don't get depressed, we don't learn it. We, instead, learn how to be cheerful. A. B. Curtiss

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