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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Find the Way Back to Your Own Loving Heart in Service to Others

My daughter-in-law sent me this response. She is right. We could probably dump all the anti-depressants and mind exercises if we could  just remember this. Why don't we remember?
My favorite trick for getting out of the doldrums is service to another. I have a great outlet because at any time I can give massage]  other options: volunteer at soup kitchen, elder care, read to kids in school, walk a dog at the humane society, buy a new sleeping bag and give it a homeless person. if I can stretch myself out of myself, my little life seems to be put back in perspective. it's kind of a secondary side effect if the service happens to have value for the other person. I do it purely to gratify myself, therefore I don't need gratitude from the other person. It worked for scrooge. When he had lost the ability to connect with others and realized he was adrift in the hell of isolation, he bought a new turkey for the kraggitts. [sp?] I really don't care if service is just distracting me from my own troubles, it works great for me. Always looking for peace and love,


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